Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is It Time To Leave Your Job?

Is It Time To Leave Your Job?

It goes without saying that “we’ve all been there” at one time or another. You find that there is more negativity in your day than anything else.  You hate getting up in the morning…and find more than enough reasons to hit that snooze alarm.  Energy?  Enthusiasm?  You can’t seem to find either as you fight your way to get into the office.  Coffee…there is the reason that you are there. What you need to ask yourself, is why do I feel this way?  Have I hit a glass ceiling?  Am I no longer growing in my career?  Is my new boss stifling my ability to “do”?  What stumbling block am I dealing with? …and can it be fixed?
Many conclude that the best option is to look for a new job.  But have you done all that you can to salvage the career that you have been building?  First thing you need to do is pinpoint the problem.  There are good reasons and bad reasons for changing jobs.

Signs that it is time to move on:

1)    You are no longer having "fun".

Everyone has good days and bad days.  But when the bad days outnumber the good ones for months…it is time to move on. 

2)    Your company is struggling financially.

If you are hearing of impending layoffs and financial troubles, it makes sense to take a look around.  Job searches can take a long time…and it is easier to find a new job when you are currently employed.

3)    Your career goals cannot be met.

If there is no upward mobility and your career path is questionable, it is time to move on.  Some things cannot be changed.  For example, if your wish is to move into a management role, and you are working for a small family owned company, where you know this is not possible, then you owe it to yourself to consider looking for another job.

4)    You are not performing to the best of your ability.

We all have bad days.  But when days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, you may be burnt out.  If you are under-challenged…or (gasp!) overworked, and you see no way to change this, it is time to update that resume.
Certainly these are not the only reasons to consider making a career change.  My point is that you need to get to the source of the problem and whether or not it is fixable.  Then you need to determine your course of action. 

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